This is the time of year that all pictures of me turn out crap.  Why?  Because I blend in with the background of everything that is light, and if it happens to be dark… then I look like this flourescent lightbulb brightly shining and drowning out any recognizable facial characteristics. It is just this blob.  Like an orb.  Like the bright North Star guiding the three wisemen to Jesus’ stable.  That is me. 

So this year I’m going to fake tan it up and become not white…. but hopefully not orange either.  I shall opt for the spray tan as I do not go to tanning beds.  Tanning beds will surely cause me to develop cancer faster than you can say melanoma.  I cannot apply any tanning lotion to myself because that is where the uneven color and lines and streaks will occur.  However, I shall get a spray tan… not for vanity sake, but for the sake of having a winter picture of myself that doesn’t portray me as being the color of paper.  Or a ginger.  Mind you… I love gingers.  Not only is my beloved J a ginger, but I have recently developed an amazing crush on Tri Bourne… a professional volleyball player and full time ginger.  *happy dance*  That 6’5″ giant man of hotness is amazing.  I digress…

Sooooo in other news.  I had LASIK last Thursday and it was amazing.  So far the results are phenomenal and I’m so happy to not be wearing contacts or glasses.  I still think my vision could get a bit better so cross your fingers.  It was a pretty pricey ordeal, but I think I’ll be able to get rid of that debt fairly quickly.  Also, another awesome thing is 12 months no interest so I can get rid of this thing in a year easily and then not have to pay all the interest back on it as well.  Woohoo!! 

Work is outrageously busy and I’m going to actually run downstairs and grab some food and then start churning out massive amounts of productivity!!!! 



Nope – I haven’t died!

I missed you blogged! I’ve been thinking and trying to post for weeks now but I’ve been too busy…or emotionally and mentally drained… So let me quickly/briefly run down some of my updates.

1) Vegan Times – I’m still focusing on eating more fruits/veggies, and am using FitnessPal to count my calories! I’m doing it with S and A so that we can all motivate each other. :)

2) I went on a Cemetery Walk on Saturday with my grandma and her our family friend Mrs. C. It was sooo fun. We want to go back just to read the headstones and stuff. I know, we are weird but it was seriously a lot of fun. It wasn’t too cold or too hot and it was interesting and not boring. The only thing that I can say I didn’t like was when Grandma asked a follow up question to one of the “actors” after his story about a man who went off to the West from Little Fort to Seattle to become a surveyor… she asked him about when the courthouse moved from Libertyville to what is now Waukegan, and he basically said he didn’t know and that during his speech he made it up. Um…okay? Then we asked the other guy who was kind of the real historian of this little shindig and he said that the courthouse was never in Libertyville actually. Well whooopty-doo. Stop making things up when I’m trying to learn about the historical significance of our town! Sheesh.

3) Hockey (preseason) has started. I’m a freak about it and have watched most of the televised ones. I wanted to watch last nights game but it was one that isn’t televised. I don’t know why but they aren’t televising 2 out of the 6 preseason games. Boo! Oh well maybe next time if I get the chance.

4) Job in New Hampshire – Squashed. I’m staying home in the beautiful Chicagoland area! It was a good experience though and getting to visit New Hampshire was a lot of fun. However, it made me realize how much I love living here and that I’ve just been finally getting that feeling of “belonging” here since I only moved about 3-4 years ago.

5) Work is still chaotic with just me working on things. My boss and I are in talks though about it and hopefully I won’t be drowning every time I come in to work and feeling defeated and unmotivated all the time because the work keeps piling up no matter how much I work or how hard I work.

6) J is coming on Friday morning and I couldn’t be more excited! I still have to clean the house a bit and I need to get all the props and the clothes and things for the pictures on Friday that we are taking (no ifs ands or buts!). This is happening this time no matter what. Rain or shine! Even if I just rolled out of bed and look like a mess this lady is taking our pictures and we will find a way to make them beautiful with out glowing personalities and happy times, lol.

7) I have to start working now otherwise I won’t be productive at all and that feeling stinks! I missed you blog, but I’m glad I am back and I shall be back again soon …. hopefully later today and definitely after the pictures are done!!!! :)

Woot Woot!-A


Draft from 8/14? Why not… I’ll post ya anyways.

Vegan Update: Going good this week. I’m rocking the fruit and veggies and no dairy thing. The only thing that I’m eating that is not vegan friendly is yogurt in the morning for breakfast. My diet is turning more and more into vegetarian, but I think that is still a big improvement. I logged into MyFitnessPal for the first time in over a year! It is good to know that I’m basically the exact same as I was back then, lol. Improvement would be better, but it is nice to know that I have some consistency.

I have an interview today at 3PM for a position at a university in New Hampshire. I was contacted by a recruiter, and apparently heard of me from other people passing my name along to him. I would pretty much be what I’m doing now, but I would have to move. Technically the career opportunity is amazing, and I am leaning towards taking it even though this is kind of a weird time of the year for me and for moving as summer is basically over and it will be fall/winter soon. There is so much to think about!



The bestie graduated from Northwestern this weekend, and it was a blast hanging out with her!  We went to the graduation ceremony, hung out downtown, went on the dinner cruise for Spirit of Chicago where I won another luncheon cruise to be used at a later date!  She is super precious, and I love her.  She is now starting a new “program” that she is calling… The Degree for Fitness!  She is going to start focusing on getting healthy and fit, and I feel like I’m on that journey with her. :)  Even though I’m not calling it a super, adorable name like that.  Mentally, I’m all in.  


Sooooooo… I went grocery shopping yesterday for the week.  It cost me $36.  Say, wha?!  If I can save that much money each week by buying from the grocery store instead of eating out… I am going to be rollin’ in the dough!  :)  I want to save money to go to Europe at the end of this year/beginning of next year with, S.  My hubby won’t be going because he has Navy stuff to do and it would be a huge deal to get the time off.  However, we are going to plan something for later.  He wants to go to Ireland and I promised I won’t go without him.  So that is our deal.  Some people may think it is mean to go to Europe without him, but if I’m going with my best friend I think it is okay.  Life is so short, and I would encourage him to follow his passions/dreams and not hold him back.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to travel, and it is probably the dream I’ve had for the longest.  I’m that girl that sits in the bookstore (or rather laying on the floor in between the aisles) in the travel section just reading and taking down notes for the place I want to see one day.  

For X-mas I bought myself books about European and Middle Eastern countries so I could read all about them.  I just have this crazy desire to travel and see the world!  Even though he may not be with me he is having his own life adventures too, and I don’t want to wait forever and have regrets about not going when I could have or when it would be better.  We don’t have kids yet and so I think this is the perfect time to see the world and to live some more before I get tied down to one state with my babies. :)  Even though I don’t think that will happen… it will not be as easy to travel toting around a toddler or something. I want to travel now while I’m still full of wonder and energy and intense organization, lol.  We want to go to Switzerland, Italy, Scotland and I want to run across the border of Switzerland into France for a mini second! That is all that is planned for this first trip.  I’m super excited, but have to plan some other things here in the states first before I get 100% crazy girl on this European kick.  I have a volleyball tournament coming up this weekend that we still need two plays for… but I sorta want to still play 4’s instead of 6’s…. hmmm we shall see.  Anyway, I have to finish some work up first and then I’m going home for some dinner before my volleyball game tonight! 





Have you ever had someone on Facebook that some days you just want to delete, but you can’t because they are your father? lol  I’m that girl.  

I seriously think I’m related to the most ridiculously arrogant and awful people of all time (okay, just my sperm donor).  My father doesn’t know it but he is by far one of the smartest, dumb people I know.  He  says the dumbest things that make him look like such a D-bag, and he is just plain rude.  He is a self-made millionaire, but came from nothing so I don’t think he knows how to act.  Millionaires and bajillionaires I do not have a problem with at all. I love the fact that my father worked very hard and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor with 100 useless sports cars.  That is great, but when you shove unwanted advice and/or comments from the peanut gallery, down people’s throats; or down play what other people consider an accomplishment, it just makes you look like the biggest loser ever.  I’ve been archiving some of my most favorite, infuriating, and simply sad Facebook posts of his for awhile now.  I just go back and read them to remind myself of who I am and who I never want to be.  There has to be at least 3-4 rants a day about mindless nothing.  This is what millionaires do all day?  They aren’t relaxing and vacationing?  They aren’t investing money and making sure that their loved ones are provided for even after you’re gone (not financially, but medically or with education, etc)?  They aren’t golfing or traveling?  They aren’t consulting other people that are just starting their entrepreneurial dreams?  Apparently, not.  Apparently, they act like they are 25-years-old with absolutely zero class.  Let us take a look at the post that got me today, shall we?

“Peeps: A great many of you know this. But you should never, never, ever reach to buy a car. Not even if you can pay cash for it.

If you are Chevy material, keep your covetous eyeballs off of BMW’s, etc.

Think about those high maintenance bitches you see at the clubs. Sure, you may have a pretty face and $500 extra in the bank to show her a good time for an hour or two. But then what?

Yeah, cars are like that too.

I took the Carrera GT in for half a dozen minor issues last week and the bill is $11,700.00

Yeah, I’m not mistyping that.

They don’t let you finance that for 36 months.

This is an extreme example. But this didn’t even include replacing the clutch or something you could call EXPENSIVE.

Don’t reach for that brass ring too quickly. It might be attached to an iron anvil.

Now go buy 20 exotics….”


1. You’re 57-years-old.  Stop saying, “Peeps.”  A peep is a sugary, marshmallow, treat. 

2. There is nothing wrong with being a “Chevy” person.  I have a Chevy.  I could buy a BMW if I wanted to, but I won’t… you wanna know why?  Read your next comment.

a.  “Think about those high maintenance bitches you see at the clubs.”  …. …. ….  

b. Stay out of the clubs, dad. Nobody wants you in there.

c. Stop looking at girls. You’re old, creepy, and it is soooo disgusting and unattractive.  But since you’re so bad ass and in with the “bitches in the club,” hangin’ with your “peeps,” you might benefit from listening to some Ke$ha.  The song is called “Dinosaur.”

d. Don’t call women, “bitches.”  

e. If you are actually hanging around  “bitches,” then you have personal problems.

f.  Don’t send the message that guys just want a slutty, bimbo with the IQ of a golf ball and body parts made of the same material.

g. Stay out of the clubs, dad.

4. Jesus Christ.  You need $500 to show a girl a good time for just an hour or two, dad?  Are you saying that women should start expecting a $500 good time for an hour or two?  Are you referring to paying an escort?  Are you saying this from the perspective that if you’re old, dirty and completely lacking class you need this amount of money to entertain a woman for any given amount of time?

5. Nobody cares about your car bill.  You just take any opportunity to throw a price tag on any part of your life.  You didn’t have healthcare there for awhile because they won’t take you with all your problems… so prior to Obamacare you had to pay out of pocket for everything.  Have you been checked for prostate cancer? Do you want to flash how much that little exam cost on Facebook?  Or would that be TMI and not as cool as telling us about your bill for the Carrera GT?

6.  Yeah, we got that you weren’t mistyping that… I seriously doubt people were like… WHOA! He must have meant $11.70, or $1.117 and you didn’t round up properly, or MAYBE they thought you meant $11,700,000!!!!  No, dad.  We got that you spent wasted almost $12,000 on an ugly ass car.  High five.  You should round up all those pathetic, poor, Chevy owners and split that cost between us instead.  We greatly appreciate your generosity on us poor, lowly, beggars.  

Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit too.  

7. Um… could you not put down people who have to finance things?  There is no shame whatsoever in needing to finance something, and you sound like an ass for making that seem like something beneath you.  I remember a time when you had to borrow money from relatives, and you weren’t sure if we could keep the house or buy food.  So maybe come down off your throne and remember where you came from for a little bit, k?  

8.  Don’t put ‘EXPENSIVE’ in all CAPS like you can’t believe that some OTHER people would consider 12k EXPENSIVE.  Oh. My. Gah., right?  It must be so sad, and icky being normal with a normal income! ……….   Just remember that to someone out there your lambo, porsche, BMW collection is equal to a “Chevy.”  To Bill Gates and families/people that are considered “wealthy”… you’re a laughable, joke.  Except even though they could be posting on Facebook about how petty BMWs are and pathetic anyone would finance anything… they are too busy funding cancer research, opening hospitals, starting schools, building research centers, funding archaeological digs in Egypt or you know, maybe just not being tools.  Perhaps you could pencil in some time between posting on Facebook and hitting up the clubs to read a book or I dunno… Google the definition and learn the concept of philanthropy.

9.  Don’t say, “now go buy 20 exotics” like oooh and now go do the opposite of what I just told you not to do because that’s so witty and makes me super cool.  I just rolled my eyes at this part because you managed to take my mind off of the fact that you actually said “bitches at the club,” and remind me at the very end what my original disgust was about…. The fact that you’re immature, and classless.  If you want to act and think you’re 25 again, remember to end your posts with a wink or smiley face next time. 

End of rant.



TGIF … If I can survive it.

Today started out soooo good, and then just took a big dive.  I woke up early this morning feeling pretty refreshed, but it was raining hard outside and some thunder, etc.  I LOVE when it rains while I’m sleeping and the window is open.  You can hear the little drops hit the ground making little puddles, and you can smell the fresh scent of rain!  I just love rain. 

So I was all nice and warm in bed, and the rain pretty much made my cozy enough to fall back asleep.  Fast forward 3 1/3 hours later, and I woke up at 9:30AM…. Whoops.  So I’m rushing to get out the door and forgot to pack my shampoo that S even text me this morning about to remind me to bring it with me since I’m staying at the hotel tonight with her and her friends/family before her graduation tomorrow.  

Anyway… so now I’m shampoo-less.  On my way to work I was speeding (like I always do… Cali driving has ruined me for life) I get pulled over, and of course get a speeding ticket since it is the 2nd of the month so everyone is out for blood trying to make their monthly quota early on.  Greeeeat.  At least he didn’t take my license.  I’m surprised I honestly still have a license actually.  

So now I’m late for work, and I have a speeding ticket, and no shampoo.  Wonderful.

I’m at work… and I got hungry so I took my baked potato with my baked potato bag down to the cafeteria area.  I wrapped the potato in a paper towel just like I did before and then I put it into the back and closed it/wrapped it just like I did last week too!  All of a sudden I notice that the bag is smoking, and I’m like hmmm… well that’s weird.  So I took out the potato and it was pretty much done.  I noticed the bag had a black circle on it where it was obviously burned and it smelled horrible.  So great… I’m in this cafeteria with like 1,000 people and my little potato bag is smoking.  I thought it just smelled because it was burned, but not actually “burning.”  I didn’t have any water and didn’t want to smell the place up like smoke so I went to eat outside and air out the dumb bag thing.  Well I’m sitting out there and this black spot is getting bigger… and I notice it is starting to make its own little “billowy” thing of smoke, lol.  Then people are like staring at me and looking through the windows like wtf is going on?  I stomped on this thing and put it on the ground… still smoking.  I just tried to suffocate and bury the flames like with the rest of the bag… still smoking.  I ended up just running up this little hill that surrounds are outdoor eating area and going through the grass and plants (making my own little walkway through the landscaping of course) and then just threw it down near the parking garage and tried to just stomp it out some more.  Now I can actually see the flames, it smells horrible and there is smoke everywhere.  Fantastic.  It is making little ashes in the air because the rest of it is burning and starting to spread over the bag.  Still… no water anywhere.  I’m a little upset that we don’t have drinking fountains or a pond or something outside!  I remembered it rained this morning up by my house and so I as assuming it might have rained that morning at my work too even though it is about an hours drive away.  I went to the parking garage hoping water had run down and pooled somewhere over there.  No luck.  As I was walking up the steps with this bag wondering how in the hell I was going to put out the flames to this thing I noticed a little collection of water remaining randomly on one of the steps.  BINGO!  Dropped that puppy right into the water to extinguish it and it was all taken care of… Of course I had abandoned my potato back on the table outside where I was previously, but I was happy that I wasn’t walking around the industrial park anymore almost burning down office buildings with a potato bag that caught fire in a microwave.   

Ugh. What a day… what a day… now only an hour or so left and I’m going to head to the hotel and have a shower and see if I can salvage any of today into some normal and not awful experiences, lol.  The present I wanted to make for S too didn’t pan out because I couldn’t find the key component to it!  So I will have to think of something else…. Hmm…. I’ll see what I can do after work today.  

I want to lay in bed and eat cookies and just veg out for awhile… and take naps and watch movies and all that other fun stuff.  I don’t want to face life with laundry and cats and responsibilities today!  Sigh…. Alright, I’m done with my pity party.  I have about 30 minutes more to go, and then tonight I’m going to work from the hotel I think.  Maybe I can convince S that since there is probably not an “open bar” for this little soiree that we should hit up Benny’s and get some adult chocolate milk, food, cookies and hit up the hotel pool or sit in bed and relax for our big day manana!  It’s going to be funnnn.

As for my vegan update… things are going a TON better.  I haven’t really bought any extra food this week except maybe twice.  That was only because I bought a sandwich to take to Ravinia since I don’t buy bread because it is just me… so it was still good!  I’ve been weening off of meats and dairy stuff – having less, but not completely eliminating them yet.  I’m definitely getting better though.  My schedule was a bit more organized this week although I have more work to do for sure.  Also, work is going to be insanity next week so I’m REALLY going to try and get some work done this week.  Cross your fingers!  I did make it to my dentist appointment this Monday and I was on time!  That is a huge thing for me since normally I forget or miss appointments or just don’t feel like going.  For me to be on time to something is even more astonishing.  I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for this week… I kept it together until today, haha.